The commercial and industrial real estate market in Calgary is very active and complex.  What we bring to the table for our clients is a large network and extensive experience in trading in Calgary commercial real estate. We have long established relationships with many other commercial agents and this network is one major asset that will help your property sell quickly.

We are contacted daily by my colleagues with inquiries about potential properties for sale and they also tell us about properties they have coming onto the market.

We can attract interest in your property before and possibly without it being listed on MLS. We specialize in selling commercial and industrial properties. We know the market well and our agents are on hand to facilitate a sale and close the deal quickly.

If you have had a property on the market for some time and are having difficulty in getting the attention and interest to it, please give me us call. 

We have the expertise and the network of contacts to get results!

We will work hard for you. Your success is key to our success.


We work with qualified buyers looking to buy investment properties with steady income in Alberta.  Our buyers look for all types of commercial real estate including shopping centers, apartment buildings and condo sites. 

We maintain lists of qualified buyers such as corporations, developers and investors and are able to draw upon these qualified buyers regarding any new properties available for sale immediately upon receipt of new assignments through the medium of our data base.

We achieve maximum results from our marketing efforts & extensive experience, as well as maintaining a large marketing base of potential Buyers.


Tenant Representation

Whether you are looking to lease space (office, retail or industrial), relocate your business, renew your lease, sublease, or downsize, it is essential that you have someone representing your best interests during lease negotiations. There are a significant number of complex items to consider during negotiations and tenants have the ability to get this advice from us for FREE!

Tenants don’t pay commissions; landlords do, so why not have the benefit of free advice from someone who does this every day?

We can assist you in negotiating for things such as appropriate rent based on market conditions, free rent, and tenant allowance dollars to renovate your space.

Further, many commercial properties are not listed on MLS, so working with  “experts” in the field who have established contacts will give you the confidence that you are being presented with all available space in your desired location.

Planning well in advance of your lease expiry gives you the time necessary to evaluate all options to ensure you make the best possible decision for your business.

Understanding your employee’s preferences for location, public transit and nearby amenities will assist in employee retention and ensure you lease the best location for your business.

Working with knowledgeable real estate experts make the entire process seamless.  We have an entire team of professionals (architects, designers, IT professionals, lawyers, insurance brokers, and contractors) that we work with to ensure we can provide you with a one-stop source to ensure your move will be as smooth as possible.

Landlord Representation

Owning commercial property is a lucrative business. Working with someone who is reliable, eager, and knowledgeable in the industry and who puts their client’s interests first is paramount.

Marketing a property effectively, promoting within a sphere of contacts and knowing how to “close” deals ensures spaces are leased efficiently to minimize vacancies in the building.

We strive to achieve superior results in marketing the properties & leasing, always mindful that speed is vital to achieving maximum results (resulting in reduced carrying costs & expenditures). We fully realize the old adage “time is money”, thus have a sense of urgency in handling all work.